May 1st Ride! TIME CHANGE 6:30PM!!!


Ride time has changed – we’re now meeting at 6:30pm through September!

On this ride we will be visiting Old North Dayton. Our first stop will be at the The Salvation Army Kroc Center Dayton to see the Dunncarrick mansion.

Our second stop will be at the wonderful Evans Bakery.

The final stop will be by DATV.

April 3rd 2015 Ride – Community Garden Tour!

In honor of spring time we’re going to take you on some tours of the neighborhood community gardens. The gardens we will be stopping by are neighborhood operated with the help of Five Rivers Metro Park.

The garden spots we will be visiting goes as follows:
1. Huffman District Community Garden on Centre St.
2. Mission of Marry on Xenia Ave.
3. Twin Towers Community Garden on Allen St.
4. South Park Community Garden on Burns and Brown St.
5. Final stop Garden Station on Wayne Ave.

You can find more information about community gardens here:

Fees are minimal and you get the help and guidance from seasoned growers. Check to see if there is one in your neighborhood!



Great things are happening!


It’s been a while since our last post but we’re still peddling away!

Emma Jarman of Dayton City Paper contacted us to learn more about what we do for our community. You can read the entire article here:

Second exciting thing to happen was that we were asked to be part of the Dayton Originals project! You can read our full write up right here!

We’re so thankful to get all this positive attention! It’s our awesome bike community that keeps us doing what we’re doing.

Join us December 5th for the next First Friday ride. We’re unsure of the route but once it’s established we will post it on our Facebook account.


October 3rd First Friday – Ride to the Midwest Outdoor Experience

Come join us on Friday, October 3rd for our next First Friday Ride!

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This ride will take us west over to the Dayton Art Institute. We will swing by Stoddard Ave to the site of the Pumpkin Glow. Then we’ll circle around to go through McPherson Town. We will then head up the bike trail to Eastwood Metro Park to end our ride at the Midwest Outdoor Experience.

Never been to the Midwest Outdoor Experience?! WHAT!!! Here are all the activities you can do:

icon Adaptive Sports View Activity Details >>
icon Backpacking View Activity Details >>
icon Bark Zone View Activity Details >>
icon Bike Village View Activity Details >>
icon Bouldering View Activity Details >>
icon Canoeing View Activity Details >>
icon Climbing View Activity Details >>
icon Disc Golf View Activity Details >>
icon Fitness Programs View Activity Details >>
icon Fly Fishing View Activity Details >>
icon Geocaching View Activity Details >>
icon Bike Rides View Activity Details >>
icon Hammock Lounge View Activity Details >>
icon Inline Skating View Activity Details >>
icon Kayaking View Activity Details >>
icon Night Ultimate Disc View Activity Details >>
icon Orienteering View Activity Details >>
icon Outdoor School View Activity Details >>
icon Skateboarding View Activity Details >>
icon Slacklining View Activity Details >>
icon Snow Tubing View Activity Details >>
icon Stand Up Paddleboarding View Activity Details >>
icon wheelie fun zone View Activity Details >>
icon Youth Adventure Zone View Activity Details >>
icon Ziplining View Activity Details >>

September 5th Ride – Back to School!

It’s that time of year again where someone we know is going back to school. On this ride we will tour the Sinclair Community College campus, ride by CJ High School and the UD Campus. The ride is around 6.3 miles long and should take a little less than an hour to ride.

Meet us at Fifth Third Field, roll out time is around 5:30 pm. We will also ride again at 7pm. Come to one or both!

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Bike Classes offered by Metro Park

Wanna know more about how to ride your bike?

Or want to take the first steps to become a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor (LCI)?

Either way, come learn more about bikes with MetroParks!

Intro to Smart Cycling –  Monday Aug 18th: 6:30-9pm at Wegerzyn Garden Metro Park
Smart Cycling Basics –  Saturday Aug 23rd: 9am-2:30pm at Wegerzyn Garden Metro Park
Registration is required for both classes.

These classes are designed to make you feel more confident about riding your bike in a street setting. Having took these 2 classes previously we can say that they are well worth the time and cost. Bike Dayton with confidence!

Return of the 7pm Ride!

August 1st marks the return of the 7pm ride! If you can’t make the 5:30 ride NO PROBLEM! Just show up to Fifth Third Field at 7pm and catch the second ride. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us!

August Ride – East Dayton/Huffman District

August 1st will be our next Courteous Mass Ride. This 5.25 mile ride will take us through industrial east Dayton as well as the Historic Huffman District.

From Fifth Third Field we will head east down Monument and go by the city facility yard as well as the Rumpke recycling center. We will turn right on Findlay Street and head south to make a stop at the Life Enrichment Center.

The Life Enrichment Center is a nonprofit organization that provides services to the less fortunate in Dayton and the surrounding areas. Providing life-building and life-sustaining services, it has become a pillar in the Dayton community. The Life Enrichment Center also has a Bike Shoppe & Safety Village allowing kids to learn about riding a bike in a safe environment.

Continuing south on Findlay Street, we will turn right on Springfield Street and head west to Torrence Street. We will take a left on Torrence Street and head south entering the Historic Huffman District. When we hit Huffman Avenue, we will take a right going northwest on Huffman. Then turning right onto Columbus Street, we will make another short stop at the only remaining Carnegie Library in the city of Dayton.

This Carnegie Library was built in 1911 with grant money provided by the industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant who made a large fortune in the steel industry.  He spent his later years on philanthropic work, spending his fortune establishing libraries and other community projects throughout the United States. Carnegie was a huge supporter of giving people the tools to help themselves.

We will continue north on Columbus Street and make a left on East 4th Street. We will follow 4th Street west until we hit Dutoit Street, then make another left. We will wrap up this ride heading west down 5th Street through the Oregon District, continuing onto Patterson Boulevard and back to Fifth Third Field.


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