New Paths, New Plans, New… News?

Well, that title did not turn out as smooth as one would hope, but we have a couple exciting things to talk about on today’s post, so let’s not get stuck on the title.

First off, what are your plans for Thursday, 10am? If your answer did not include pesky responsibilities like work or school, how about you join the Medlar Bikeway Opening? There will be a first ride, immediately after the ribbon cutting, so bring your bikes.

The next thing is a call for public comments from the Ohio Department of Transportation on several planned projects.
Project #1:
MOT-CR 88-02.70, PID 95847 – The City of Kettering proposes to resurface/reconstruct Stroop Road from Shroyer Road to Dorothy Lane, including replacement of deteriorated sidewalk, curb & gutter, and drive aprons. The project will also include a new multi-use trail on Stroop Road, from Wilmington Pike to Glengarry Drive. The project is necessary to address the deteriorated pavement condition and improve bicycle access.
Project #2 is one we mentioned before:
MOT-Warren Street, PID 93236 – The City of Dayton proposes to improve Brown & Warren Streets through a road diet, provision of bicycle lanes, and other improvements. The project is necessary to make the area more amenable to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
You can submit your comments to Tricia Bishop at 937-497-6721 or via email at

Please remember that we are joining the Dia de los Muertos Parade, this First Friday. Details to the ride can be found here, the Facebook event for the parade is linked here. We also want to thank everybody who donated, the event made it’s Indiegogo goal.

Oh right, we totally forgot to talk about how the first annual Bike the Arts went.
Well, for starters, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission gave some really nice goody bags to the participants. Thank you for that. The folks from the Kettering Arts Council did a really great job. They brought enough volunteers to have 2 ride leaders, 2 in the middle, and 2 sweeps. They even had a SAG wagon follow us, and got two Kettering Bike Cops to ride with us the entire route.
Here are the links to the photos from Natasha Habib and Shayna McConville, and of course our pictures.

It was a cold ride, but absolutely worth it. Stay tuned for next year’s ride, possibly a little earlier in October, but then again, that’s what wool coats are for.

That is all for today, let us know if you know of anything worth mentioning. Until then…
See you in the streets!

Weekly Wrap Up

Did you see the weather forecast? We might get our first few snowflakes on Wednesday, or maybe we will not, this is the Midwest, after all.
We thought about shooting a video to show how to dress for winter rides, but then we found this video from Let’s Go Ride A Bike, and Dottie explained it all.

To sum it up:
– Stick with wool (cotton stays wet and you will get cold)
– Layer up
– Dress up right before you go outside, and take off extra layers as you warm up or go back inside
– take off wet clothes and let them dry before you put them back on
– If you decide to ride this winter, you should probably join our Winter Ride Challenge.
– You do not need to buy special cycling clothes for winter, but there is some really good equipment available. As always, your local bike shop is your friend.

It is suppose to lighten back up at the end of the week, though. Perfect, because Saturday you have a chance to do something for body and mind at the Bike The Arts, a ten mile guided bike tour through Kettering, starting at 10am at the Rosewood Art Center. The organizer asks that you wear a helmet.

And then it is almost time for the Dia de los Muertos Parade.
If you need a mask to wear, let us know. We have 5 unpainted masks to hand out. They are free, just contact us as, first come first serve.

That is all for today. Let us know if you have questions, ideas, or events that we should post here.

What Happened, What Is New, What Can You Expect?

October Ride Recap:

It is a yucky, rainy weekend, but Friday was great. We had many regulars on our ride, and a few new ones, including two UD River Stewards with camping gear, who were no strangers to Mass Rides, but they hadn’t done one in Dayton. Our youngest regular, plus dad, joined us as well, and more than half of the group stayed at the Midwest Outdoor Experience, which made for a really fast ride home.
On our walk through Eastwood Metropark we ran into the Dayton Cycling Club, they provided bike parking for everybody (thank you, Chuck Smith, for the picture).
The RTA was there, as well. They raffled off a bike and demonstrated how to use the bike racks on the bus (Thanks to Keegan Hill for asking for the demo).

All in all a successful ride.

After Courteous Mass Is Before Courteous Mass:

Get ready for the Dia de los Muertos parade on November 1st, 2013. Costumes are not required, but we think they are awesome.

The K12 and Tejas Art Gallery offers a workshop for wearable puppets, October 26th, 2013, for $50. It is an all-day workshop. If you want to participate, you need to register ahead of time. The fee will cover materials, but not lunch.By the way, if you have left over newspapers, the gallery can always use them for paper mache projects.

We will get some cardboard masks, if you are interested in using one of them, please e-mail us at, first come, first serve.
One more thing – the parade will have people walking, so it will be a REALLY slow ride. If you can not ride at walking speed, there is no shame in getting off and pushing.
The parade starts at the Neon, but Courteous Mass will leave at 5:30pm from the Dragons’ stadium and head from there to the parade’s start. If you are running late, you can meet up with us there.

Winter Is Just Around The Corner:

Things are lining up for the Courteous Mass Winter Ride Challenge. If you want to participate, head over to Greenlight Ride and create an account. All you need is an e-mail address or a Facebook account.
After you created your account, go to “Teams” and create your own team. Each team should only contain one rider. You need a team to join the challenge.

By joining the challenge, you agree to our terms and conditions.You can find the rules and the legal disclaimer here.

The challenge starts November 15th and will end March 31st. The rider with the most trips wins a goody basket. There will be a Courteous Mass Ride Leader team, but our results won’t count towards the challenge, they are just there to see how we are doing. That means, if the Courteous Mass Team is in 3rd place at the end of the challenge, the person in 4th is really in 3rd place.

That is all for today, if you have questions, contact us.

See you in the streets!