Ever Wonder What Happens on Our Rides?

If you have never been to a Courteous Mass ride and are not sure if it is something for you, the only way you can find out is by coming to a ride, ha! We promise we will not leave you behind, we never leave people behind, unless they insist, and even then we are reluctant.

If you are still not sure we recommend this video from DATV. Dan Suffoletto mounted a GoPro to his handlebars and came along for the ride. Thank you, Dan!

By the way, we had six new riders on the first ride, one on the second ride, so chances are you won’t be the only newbie, but if you are we take good care of you. One of the new riders said, “It was amazing, I was worried that I wouldn’t know anybody, but it didn’t matter. I asked a question to the ride leader and everybody chimed in with tips and advice.” See, that’s what we are all about, getting people more comfortable riding in the streets.

The next ride is September 6th, the first one starts at 5:30pm, the second at 7:00pm, from the Dragons’ Stadium. Stay tuned for the route and other announcements here, on Facebook, and in Telephone Weekly.

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