Weekly Wrap Up

Did you see the weather forecast? We might get our first few snowflakes on Wednesday, or maybe we will not, this is the Midwest, after all.
We thought about shooting a video to show how to dress for winter rides, but then we found this video from Let’s Go Ride A Bike, and Dottie explained it all.

To sum it up:
– Stick with wool (cotton stays wet and you will get cold)
– Layer up
– Dress up right before you go outside, and take off extra layers as you warm up or go back inside
– take off wet clothes and let them dry before you put them back on
– If you decide to ride this winter, you should probably join our Winter Ride Challenge.
– You do not need to buy special cycling clothes for winter, but there is some really good equipment available. As always, your local bike shop is your friend.

It is suppose to lighten back up at the end of the week, though. Perfect, because Saturday you have a chance to do something for body and mind at the Bike The Arts, a ten mile guided bike tour through Kettering, starting at 10am at the Rosewood Art Center. The organizer asks that you wear a helmet.

And then it is almost time for the Dia de los Muertos Parade.
If you need a mask to wear, let us know. We have 5 unpainted masks to hand out. They are free, just contact us as courteousmassdayton@yahoo.com, first come first serve.

That is all for today. Let us know if you have questions, ideas, or events that we should post here.

Bike Parking at the Oktoberfest

Wow, long day at The Dayton Art Institute’s Oktoberfest, yesterday.
A big thank you goes to all our volunteers.
Here are some numbers:

  • We were ten volunteers
  • We spent seven hours at the fest
  • We parked 41 bicycles
  • We had one person ride 22 miles to the Oktoberfest (yes, one way)
  • We ate at least ten soft pretzels
  • We told approximately 5 gazillion people that they should ride their bikes to the Oktoberfest Sunday or next year.

Say hello to the first round of volunteers (photo by David Hurwitz):

If you had no time to go to the Oktoberfest, yesterday, stop by today. The UD River Stewards will park your bike for you, from noon till 7pm.
Bicycle parking is located at the River Gate on the corner of Belmonte Park North and Riverview Avenue.